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Nine Reasons to Study Abroad

  • Best city in the world
    Most livable cities in the world, they boast successes attributed to their stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education and infrastructure. Students will surely acquire not only excellent education but also life enriching experience.
  • World class universities and courses
    Their cities are homes to world class universities and institutions as cited numerous times in different international university rankings. Student wanting to get quality education will benefit to the high standard of education and wide variety of quality course selections.
  • International fusion culinary delight
    Our destined student study countries' cities regarded as the destined countries’ food capital. No doubt both locals and visitors alike enjoy the endless array of mouth-watering international flair. From their traditional local foods to American, European and Asian dishes, you can go around the world in the study country of your choice with a happy belly.
  • Adrenaline-filled sporting events
    Hosting world-class events like American or French or Wimbledon Open Tennis, world top football leagues and other exciting sports events happen all year around in the study destined country. Not a sports fan? No problem! You can still enjoy the festivities and the fun filled atmosphere.
  • Multi-cultural experience
    People from countries all around the world call the countries we send students to study from their home. The inclusive atmosphere transpires in their celebration of diversity through their cultural festivals, events, performances and food bringing locals and visitors an experience like no other. Their friendly atmosphere gives international students boost to make friends and make the most while living abroad.
  • Festival and more festivals
    Their cities are nothing short of loud and colourful festivals. Celebrations run all year around having plenty to choose from. If you are not into sports, their cities hosts heaps of events surely will tickle your interest. It is a good chance to meet other international students and new friends. Their cities are known to be friendly and accommodating.
  • Synched with the land down under
    International students can look forward to be mesmerized by the beautiful areas, vibrant towns and city centres and many more! Immerse in authentic lifestyle and culture while you complete your studies.
  • Public transportation
    Extensive public transport system that enables you to get around the city, suburbs and even interstate. International students in participating universities use Public Transport Pass cards (reusable smart transport card) which are 50% cheaper than a regular.
  • Valuable help and resources
    Being an international student, you are not restricted to seek help only from the university. The local government, non-government organisations and charitable organisations offering assistance to international students in various issues like work, health, studies, sports and many more.

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