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The Use of Education Agents to Recruit Students

The demand for higher education is increasing every year and because of this many universities are becoming more commercialised. Universities are now using professional marketers to help develop and manage their reputations. Universities continue to rely on education agents to help promote their university to foreign students who wish to study Abroad. Educations agents would often provide the prospect students with information about the university, how to apply, and applications forms required by the university.


How Education Agents Help Universities
Education agents help reduce the stress for students by offering them options on what university to choose. They will often provide students with what the universities standards’ are, courses offered, tuition fees and cost of living. It’s important to find proper agents who are knowledgeable and updated on curriculum changes so that the student can easily adapt to the university.

Education agents are important to universities because they are the ones that help the school acquire international students. Usually, an education agent earns from the commission provided by the university for each student. The commission is a small portion taken from a student’s tuition fee however this does not affect the total tuition fee you pay for the university.

Because of this, education agents will always offer choices that suit the students' needs and that the student is picking the best one. You should always expect education agents to provide you with options and will usually range from 2-3 potential universities. The education agent will do this for you with regards to the price of the university, their curriculum, and reputation.



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