Wichita State University USA

2016-12-13, 14:55
Akshar Patel Wichita State University USA It has been always my dream to study in the states and am glad that WR team worked hard to make it true thank you very much WR TEAM

Wichita State University USA

B.SC Genetic, Brindavan College in Bangalore, India

2014-11-11, 08:19
WR has help me a lot right from filling in my admission form to guiding me through the whole process of getting a VISA and eventually booking me a ticket.

The staff of WR is really friendly and understanding. So helpful that all the hustle you would have gone through elsewhere is cut down to zero.

I am extremely grateful for all their help and l highly recommend anyone who wants to study in another

B.SC Genetic, Brindavan College in Bangalore, India

Lovely Professional University, India

2014-11-11, 08:36
It was wonderful for me to meet the staff at WR Education Placement Consultants, who have done a wonderful job of placing many students to different countries.

I am enrolled at Lovely Professional University in India pursuing a Diploma in Civil Engineering. Having finished my ABE at Warnborough College in the UK, this root path was arranged by WR Education Placement Consultants.

BA Criminology, University of Fraser Valley – Canada

2014-11-11, 08:49
"I am very impressed. Fast, efficient and very polite Student support WR Education Placement Consultants Offered to me!!!"

Coventry University, UK

2014-11-11, 08:54
I thank WR for helping me get into Coventry University UK. A University known to have a reputation of excellence. I am truly grateful for the wonderful opportunity you helped open for me. This is a stepping stone for the future I have always dreamed of. Shakespeare once said, “I can no other answer make, but thanks and thanks

Coventry University, UK

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration , Cyprus International University – Cyprus

2014-11-11, 09:00
The customer service I have received from WR Education Placement Consultants is truly awesome. I very much appreciate the help you have given me. If I hear of someone needs any of your services, I will recommend you and by-the-way I have so far recommended two people. Having wonderful customer service is a great promoter. Getting help like that is truly valuable, especially when a person spends hours working with something and the frustration level is on the up-rise. So many Education Consultants have no customer service or you spend hours trying to "find" an email or phone number--that does not help the frustration level -- at all !!!!

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration , Cyprus International University, Cyprus

MSc. Development Studies, London South Bank University in England

2014-11-11, 09:08
I hereby write this testimonial in appreciation of the services rendered to me by WR. The guidance given I so helpful to those that desire to study abroad because it has helped me to attain what I really desired. I will be pursuing a Master of Science in Development Studies from London South Bank University in England. WR has helped me attain my goal of getting an education abroad. Therefore I highly recommend them to any other person who would like to achieve the same.

MSc. Development Studies, London South Bank University in England

PGD, APG SHIMLA University, India

2014-11-11, 13:11
I am very grateful for the services provided by WR to pursue my Post graduate Degree at APG SHIMLA University, India. They are so transparent and professional while doing business. Had it not been WR, I would have had a lot of stress as regards studying abroad.

PGD, APG SHIMLA University, India

MBA, Thompson Rivers University, Canada

2014-11-11, 13:16
I appreciate WR team for their services. Without them I would not have managed to get admission in Thompson Rivers University for my Master of Business Administration. I do recommend other people to go through this agency that is efficient, friendly as well as resulted oriented.

MBA, Thompson Rivers University, Canada

Centinial College, Canada

2014-11-11, 13:20
I was introduced to WR by a friend. I am extremely happy with the services offered by WR. I am now a student at Centnial college Canada . I thank them so much and I promise not to disappoint them as I will work hard.

Centinial College, Canada

MBA, APG Shimla university, India

2014-11-11, 13:24
Am so grateful to WR official representatives of APG shimla University for the best services rendered to me in my search for a good university to pursue my post graduate studies.

MBA, APG Shimla university, India

BSC Animation and Multimedia, VIT University

2014-11-11, 13:31
WR is a magnificent establishment that eases the stressful process of university enrollment. I have found it very easy to deal with them and the help I received from picking a course to the right college shows that they truly have student’s best interests at heart. As embark on my path in life in VIT University to study BSC Animation and Multimedia, I look back on the effectiveness of the procedure and advise anyone thinking of studying abroad to make WR your number one step in all such dealings.

BSC Animation and Multimedia, VIT University

BA Interior Architecture, Segi University, Malaysia

2014-11-11, 13:35
I thank WR team for wonderful service and guidance they accorded to me from the application process till when I settled in at Segi University. Thank you.

BA Interior Architecture, Segi University, Malaysia

INTI International University Malaysia

2014-11-11, 13:38
Thank you WR for placing me and my sister Akol at INTI it’s a wonderful experience here and I thank you for all the support and guidance thank you WR TEAM MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

INTI International University Malaysia

Dip. Hotel Management, Lovely Professional University, India

2014-11-11, 13:44
I am really enjoying my program of interest in Hotel Management and want to become an expert in my field. The Student counselors at WR Education Placement Consultants gave me good advice and were all very patient with my delay in processing my personal documents which made learning an enjoyable task for me.

M.Sc. Biotechnology, Brindavan College – India

2014-11-11, 13:50
I am truly grateful for all the help you've given me . I have to say that from my experiences of using other Education Agencies over the years, your customer service and technical knowledge is the best I have ever found anywhere –immigration, VISA, etc. I can't express enough happiness I got from WR Education Placement Consultants Ltd. Thanks again.

B.A, International Business School - Hungary

2014-11-11, 13:54
Truly speaking, I didn’t expect this place to be like this. I mean I heard a lot of false stories about Hungary until I reached here and I saw that the people are so friendly and care to say hullo. IBS specifically has a very good calm surrounding for one to sit and concentrate.. I liked the IBS staff as well because they show so much care, follow you up to see if your okay or not. Therefore IBS, Big Love!! and WR Education Placement consultants Team in Uganda that recommend and placed me to IBS

Centinial College, Canada

2016-11-12, 14:40
I hereby want to thank the Team of WR Education Placement Consultants on helping me secure a place at Centinial College, Canada. I will be offering a graduate program in Global Business Management starting in January 2017.

I am more than happy after being a success of your effort and endeavors towards my study in Canada. I will be forever appreciative and hope this good work goes on

Thompson Rivers University, Canada

2016-11-12, 14:56
Thank you WR for placing me at Thompson Rivers University, Canada. It’s a wonderful experience here and I thank you for all the support and guidance thank you WR TEAM MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

Thompson Rivers University

2016-11-12, 15:15
Am very thankful and grateful to be part of WR Education Consultants product. I secured a place at Thomson Rivers University as well as a student permit. I will be studying an under graduate program in Tourism Management starting Jan 2017

Mr Robert and his Team motivated me through this process. This team is simply the definition of efficiency, transparency and their commitment towards guiding me and advise about Canada studies

I highly appreciate and thank you Team WR

Shenyang University, China

-0001-11-30, 00:00
I am Muhindo Collins Bahati a former student of St. Mary’s College, Kisub. I was able to get an opportunity to study in China at Shenyang University through WR Education Placement Consultants and I am so happy that I met these people, they made the application process easy that I did not have to worry at any one moment about the application process and I understand getting visa is one hard thing but thanks to WR Education Placement Consultants team most especially Ronald the process was easier than ever, god bless you guys and I pray he continues to bless you because you have helped many to achieve their dreams

Yours faithfully,

Muhindo Collin Bahati

Shenyang University, Chine

-0001-11-30, 00:00
am Bwambala Clive Bahati a fomer student of St. Marys College, Kisubi going to study in China a course of Art. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the WR Education Placement Consultants for helping me out with finding me an appropriate school to do my course. The company members are welcoming, supportive, loving and advising. I would mostly like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Ronald and his workmates Mr. Wagubi and Brian for the good work they’ve done helping me archive my school and course choice.

They are friendly people, advising on what, how, when, which schools are appropriate for the students. God bless their efforts and works to helping students archive their dreams and goals

Your faithfully
bwambale Clive Bahati

Loyalist College, Canada

2016-12-13, 14:32
I am Namanya Aaron going to study Biotechnology at Loyalist College Studying abroad is very tricky especially in Uganda because of the many cons. But when I chose to venture in abroad academics my only solution was WR Educons. This group is simply the definition of efficiency, transparency and what made me love them more was their commitment twords guiding through visa applications and guiding you till the day you leave for your studies. Many false praises can be showered upon many companies but at WREDCONS, all those praises are deserved because of their hightly qualified and dedicated team. I therefore thank WREGUCONS especially Mr. Wagubi, Brian and Ronald for the dedicated services they rendered to me. They are a hightly trustede team with highly receptive hearts. May god bless their efforts for the great work done make studying abroad a reality

Yours faithfully
Namanya Aaron

Thompson Rivers University

2014-11-11, 07:52
Am very grateful to have been part of WR Education Consultants and all the staff members in this company. I am now a student of Thompson Rivers University and ready to major in a post graduate diploma in International Business
Mr Robert and his team have been important on this journey that we shared. I thank Robert for the decisions they made for me and the team. Thank you for encouraging me and supporting me even when I had lost hope, you brought it back.

Thank you once again

Yours faithfully
Ninsiima Ronald

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