5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WR Education Placement Consultants

Its dream come true for many Ugandan students when they receive an offer from the school(s) of choice from their preferred study destination(s). As a result, therefore, students and parents need an experienced and reliable study abroad placement partner to ensure the student(s) realize their lifelong dream to access good quality education.

It’s therefore against the above backdrop that we briefly give you five reasons why you should work with WR Education Placement Consultants on your study abroad journey:

Rich Industry and Goodwill.

WR Education Placement Consultants has over 20 years of industry experience and industry goodwill of which it has placed more than 10,000 students in various study-abroad destinations like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and Ireland, among others.

Exercise Choice in Study Abroad Destination.

Unlike many and most of the players in the industry who have limited offers and choices for students when it comes to studying abroad destinations, WR Education Placement Consultants offers an opportunity for students to exercise choice due to its large pool in the study abroad destinations.

Against the backdrop of its industry goodwill over the years, WR Education Placement Consultants has grown its study-abroad destination markets from 3 (USA, UK, and Canada) to over 15 study-abroad destinations (UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia, Cyprus, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Hungary, U.A.E, Caribbean, Netherlands, Switzerland, and India to mention but a few).

Over 80% Success Rate.

Students that work with WR Education Placement Consultants in the application journey improve their chances of success to go studying in their preferred study abroad destinations. This is due to our rich experience and goodwill in the industry that we have built over a period of over 20+ years coupled with our highly qualified, experienced, and motivated student counselors.

Access to Finance.

WR Education Placement Consultants has partnered with 8B Education Investments to provide students with access to finance to pursue their study abroad dreams and opportunities. To learn more about this program, please contact us:

Scholarship Opportunities.

WR Education Placement Consultants has out of its industry good will realize many opportunities to work with many schools directly. As a result, WR Education Placement Consultants is able to learn and realize available scholarships and bursaries at various schools. Therefore, students that work with WR Education Placement Consultants increase their chances of learning about various available scholarship and nursery programs that can positively impact their study abroad ambitions.

Contact WR Education Placement Consultants today to learn more about available opportunities and offers: